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The night

Always liked the night, this was at a beach.

     You can call me Kami, or Stephen.  I've worked on various personal websites off and on since starting this one.  I tend to enjoy the designing phase the most, so sometimes that's as far as it gets.  One example would be this Xenosaga site that I had been rebuilding after moving it from another host.  ML is a site I keep coming back to, and I plan on building, and completing, others as well.

     My favorite color is black, and I love the night, but you might have guessed that much.  There's something about the late evening that appeals to me.  Quieter than the daytime, thus making it easier to think, and full of lights both natural and artificial.  One of my favorite places to be is a beach at night.  You might look one way and see the lights on hotels, streets, a pier and amusement park.  Then, in the other direction, a dark, seemingly endless expanse where the unseen ocean waves keep crashing on the sand and the stars above are easily visible despite the city lights right behind you.  Sights like that helped inspire Midnight Lagoon's theme.

     Besides Tenchi Muyo!, I've enjoyed quite a few different anime series, including Bleach, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist (both timelines), different Gundams, and Naruto (particularly Shippuden).  Used to just watch it on cable, as my short list of favorites might indicate, but my selection isn't what it used to be, and the internet is a better source, really.

     I'm a fan of the whole Final Fantasy series, World of Warcraft, Ninja Gaiden, and other games too numerous to list here.  Back in the late 90s my earliest attempt at a website was inspired by the pre-Playstation Final Fantasy games.  I like a lot of science fiction and fantasy, from Star Trek to Lord of the Rings, as well as learning about ancient history and the mythologies of the world.
Rukia Kuchiki of Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki of Bleach.

Waterfall near Castle in the Clouds

     I like writing stories, and photography, the latter of which contributed to the waterfall that Ryoko is enjoying.  This is a spot I visited in 2007, near Castle in the Clouds, quite a scenic area.

A beach in the morning

     I've always liked taking shots of natural scenes.  One morning on a beach, conditions were ideal for this.

Autumn leaves

     One of the first things I did after getting a digital camera was head out to capture some images of the trees turning.

The fish

     I've been taking care of tropical fish, and some goldfish, since late 2003.  The tank is just 20 gallons, but I've had a variety of decor, from Greek to Chinese, even if it got crowded at times.  Always liked angelfish, and here we have a marble one with a shy neon tetra on the far right, next to a blind cave fish feeling it's way through the artifical plants on the bottom.

         I mentioned an interest in World of Warcraft.  It's taken up a lot of my free time over the years, as MMORPGs tend to do once you get sucked in.  More than once I gave serious thought to building fan sites for the game and my characters.  The actual playing kept me so busy that I never got past the planning stages.  I've cut back lately and don't expect to play as much as I used to.  Since there's a minor connection to Tenchi, and this section is about my interests, I've decided to include this here.  When I created my second druid in the game, I was inspired by a certain Juraian princess.
         While Ryoko was often the favorite among American fans, I always liked quiet, reserved (usually) Ayeka.  I also enjoyed role-playing as her in a game this site hosted.  This picture is anything but typical for her, but bear with me, it helps with the comparison.
         In the Warcraft lore, night elves used to be immortal, as long as they were bound to a great tree.  Not unlike Juraians, and with long purple hair as one of the options, along came Lauca, my regular "toon" for a while.  Unlike Ayeka, though, she'd turn into an angry bear and maul things.  It would be interesting to watch Ryoko deal with that.


         To be honest, though, I've mostly used this shaman, Belren, since about 2008.  One of the draenei, or as some call them, European space goats.  I always found wielding lava and lightning as weapons to be great fun.  You could probably track down the server these two are on, but don't count on seeing them active.