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     This shrine to the anime Tenchi Muyo!, in it's various forms, was first constructed in 2001.  Explore the galleries, info, downloads and other areas.

Work Yet to be Done

12/25/14 - Clearly, college took precedence over the last four years! Despite the long silence, I'm not done with this site. Changes and updates are incoming.

Merry Christmas!

12/23/10 - A few things, including college, have kept me away for a time.  I'll do my best to keep updating this place regularly.

Autumn and School, even for Tenchi

9/4/10 - I've been adding some pictures to the galleries, and plenty more will be coming.  I've also been watching Tenchi in Tokyo for the first time in ages, and will have plenty of new things to add to the info section.  Changed the index pic from Summer to Fall, even if it' a bit early.  Also, check out the new page on the left dedicated to Tenchi Muyo! Oniisan.

New Forums!

8/11/10 - This site has forums once again, in the form of Anime Lights.  As the name suggests, discussion of any anime will be welcome, along with other stuff.  Come on in and visit.

Neon Bubbles and Christmas in July

7/12/10 - What started as an effort to just expand the layout beyond an iframe has become this, after trying various ideas over the past month and a half.  Despite all the changes, let's just call it ML 7.1.  The gallery is now expanded with more pictures, including three new sections.  The Christmas-themed one was here in the early days of the site, along with Midnight Lagoon's most unique gallery, Water.  I once had separate sections for Mayuka, Achika, Sakuya and others, but will now use the Various gallery, with each character specified in the lightbox info.  I'll be adding more to the Gallery, the information sections, and Downloads.

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