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     I've always wanted to have a comprehensive list of other Tenchi Muyo! sites, rather like a lagoon connected to the ocean.  Fans were first expressing their interest back when the internet as we all know it was taking shape.  A lot of the old sites are no longer around for a variety of reasons, but plenty still remain.  I'll build this list, and if you have any links to suggest, let me know.  No sites featuring adult content though, please.

General Tenchi Sites

Tenchi Muyo, No Need for a Homepage / TenchiBoard

The Mihoshi Shrine of Sleep

Washu-chan HiLand
(Some English)

Official Japanese Tenchi Site

Tenchi Information

Tenchi Muyo! FAQ

Tenchi Muyo! Another Universe

Tenchi Muyo Wiki

Tenchi Fanart


Tatsumingo's Room

Hitou! Tenchionsen

Tenchi Fan Clubs

The Ryoko Forever Fan Club Rebirth

The Ayeka Fan Club /
AFC forums

Tenchi Message Boards


Ryoko Shrines

Loren Ward's Dedication to Ryoko

Ayeka Shrines

Marugoto Aeka

Washu Shrines

Little Washu's Cute Homepage

Anime Sites

Anime Galleries dot Net