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6/19/10 - Getting this new layout ready.  I went through various ideas and eventually settled on this new neon look, which seems to suit a night time theme.  Most of the remaining work is just in rebuilding the galleries and info sections.

6/1/10 - The reasons I started working on this place again included the experience, and to keep trying out new things.  Some of those new things will come in future sites.  For this month, during which ML will turn 9, I'm going to make some big changes to the layout and navigation.  The iframe I've built the site around is troublesome at times (can't...breathe!), and I believe I have a better way.  The current site will remain up, I'll just switch over to the new design when it's ready.

5/23/10 - For a very long time, and through different site versions, I had the same 4 wallpapers up, no bigger than 800x600.  I've put them back up on a new page, along with something new.  With the summer nearly upon us and vacation photos to use, I borrowed Tsunami, Sasami and Ryo-Ohki to put them on a real beach.  Expect more new wallpapers in the near future.

5/20/10 - A while back, this site got a few awards.  I've put those up on a new page.  In the process of looking up the sites of those who gave me the awards, and learning late about the fate of GeoCities, I stumbled upon something.  A place dedicated to archiving and preserving the internet from different points in time.  Now, this likely isn't news to many, but I thought it was incredible to be able to type in my own URL and see snapshots of my site from 2002 through 2008, even if the images and links aren't always in working order.  There were things that I had believed to be long gone, including the forums I had at ezboard as they were before being destroyed.  I found results for all three sites where the awards came from.  I saw sites for major products and brands as they looked in 1996.  I'm kind of a geek but I think it's pretty cool, and if you're interested and have specific URLs to search for, check out the Wayback Machine at http://www.archive.org/.  It's like a museum trip.