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     Toward the end of 2002, a good friend suggested that I host a Tenchi-themed role-playing game on Midnight Lagoon's ezboard (that host is now Yuku).  Inspired by the long running "Tenchi Survivor" over at Neelick's, we called the game here "Tenchi Muyo! Oniisan" (the last word basically meaning Big Brother), after another popular, and still active, reality TV series.  Players would each claim a Tenchi character, and then act out their roles in special forums representing the following locations: Tenchi's house, an onsen (hotspring), and the Ya-gami, which carried the house and onsen through space at the time, much like in Tenchi Universe.  Descriptions of each area went something like: "This is the house where the characters eat, sleep and live their daily lives, never suspecting they are being watched..."  Site visitors would observe the characters interact and then vote in polls to determine who would get the boot that week.  (This was also the only way a character could leave the ship.)  Players could not vote, and the voters were encouraged to both read through the whole game and vote according to the character portrayals, rather than which characters they disliked anyway.  I played as Ayeka, and after eventually getted voted out myself, watched the rest as Ryoko eventually beat out Washu.  The prizes for the winner?  Being made the mod of any "new or existing unclaimed forum" on the board, and having first pick of characters for the next game.  For a few reasons, there wasn't another game.  Those reasons included a little event with the board's host.

The rules that the players followed:

1. No harrassing, flaming, or any such thing of other players.  Fighting between characters is fine, as long as it isn't extreme and stays true to the characters.  If you have a quarrel with a particular player, please do not bring it into the game, in character, or even out.

2. Always try to stay in character, unless you have a comment to make OOC.

3. Keep swearing to a minimum.  Don't use any words that wouldn't be used in the english uncut dub.

4. Being Tenchi Muyo!, and having an onsen, there most likely will be nudity, but no descriptions please.  Also, no actions that are so adult in nature that they would be censored on cable.

If  it had been necessary to kick a player out, the voting for that week would have been nullified.

     The exact details seem to remain a mystery to their users, but some kind of catastrophe happened to ezboard, and among the many casualties were the archived posts of the game, which had concluded months earlier.  Back then I had no idea that there were sites dedicated to scouring the internet to save and preserve (at least in part) other sites.  Through the Wayback Machine, I recently found my old ezboard saved at various times along with the rest of my site, though not quite intact.  After trying different save dates, I've had the best luck with this archived version, the RPG is at the bottom.  Not all the different parts of the board will be available for viewing, and you won't be able to post or log in, or get much use out of links relating to ezboard itself.   Below is a screenshot of a thread from very late in the game.  The total posts made exceeded 2,000 over about 12 weeks. The characters and players:

Kagato:  ssj4majinbuu
Naja:  Naja Akara (Galaxia)
Tenchi:  Docs Fox
Washu:  mjhennessey
Yume:  Invader Tenchi
Yosho:  jeffrey 228
Ayeka:  Xx Aeka Jurai xX (kami_musubi)
Noboyuki:  Xx Noboyuki Masaki xX
Sasami:  Raine L Loire
Mihoshi:  OneWinged Tifa
Ryoko:  X Ryoko Muyo X

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