About This Lagoon

This website dates back to the heyday of GeoCities, though it was only in 2018 that the webmaster started using it as a web design blog. The gallery will gradually grow, serving as a kind of portfolio, as well as a testing area for images and CSS. The tools and resources found under Links, many of which were used in the creation of this blog, might help you with your own projects.

The Webmaster

My name is Stephen Jacobs, and I'm also known as Kami Musubi. I enjoyed creating art before starting to build personal websites as a hobby, and the two interests paired well together as I set out to create unique designs. A desire to fully grasp the code behind a website lead me toward studying web development at Baker College, and naturally, there was a lot more to learn by the time I had completed my courses. I'm back here at Midnight Lagoon to continue developing my web design craft.