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1  General / Bulletin Board / Registration Disabled for Good on: February 16, 2018, 06:10:02 pm
As far as I can tell, it's been only bots registering over the past month.  I'll clear those out, and many older accounts that never had any posts and look like bots.  If you're a human that tried to register and you want to hang out here, email me and I'll see about arranging a registration from my end.

If the site's traffic from real visitors picks up and hosting a board is justified again, I'll probably put up a fresh one.  Registration will be disabled on this board for the foreseeable future.
2  General / Bulletin Board / Reopening on: January 07, 2018, 11:02:33 am
A while back, a tide of bots registering at this board got to be so troublesome that I disabled registration entirely.  Registration is back on for now with board member activation, partly out of curiosity about interest in this site.  There will be some changes this year.
3  Anime and Entertainment / Anime / Re: What have you watched lately? on: August 17, 2011, 07:36:31 pm
After Blood+, I watched Trinity Blood through Netflix.  I had seen it on Adult Swim, but hadn't remembered much from it.  After Trinity Blood, I started Orphen, also through Netflix, a late 90s fantasy anime that I'm enjoying.  It's been compared to Slayers, though I think it may have more in common with Harry Potter.  I rented the first Slayers series a while back, may stream the later ones after Orphen 2.
4  Anime and Entertainment / Gaming / Re: What is your fix right now? on: July 07, 2011, 08:56:29 pm
Started playing through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess recently, after getting my own Wii.  Took my time getting to it, there's a new Zelda coming  up, made just for the Wii.  Twilight Princess is good but is more of a GameCube port.
5  Anime and Entertainment / Anime / Re: What have you watched lately? on: July 07, 2011, 08:52:17 pm
Still watching the latest episode of Shippuden each week.  I've been a bit surprised that it's continued without interruption since the tsunami.  Besides the latest anime that Adult Swim is showing (Durarara!! is kind of odd), I've been watching Blood+ through Netflix streaming.  I can remember much of it from when AS ran it, but it's fun to watch, and seems a bit messier than what I can recall.  Also watched Blood: The Last Vampire for the first time last week.  Though the TV series was based loosely on it, each version of Saya is wildly different.
6  General / The Lounge / Re: Member's List on: July 03, 2011, 11:15:52 pm
Seems that there's little change in the pace at which bots are registering.  I'm going to look into forum alternatives.
7  General / The Lounge / Re: Member's List on: June 30, 2011, 02:06:36 am
Hasn't stopped the porn link bot.  ^_^;;
8  General / The Lounge / Re: Member's List on: June 30, 2011, 12:06:18 am
The board is now using reCAPTCHA.  It seems to work just fine when a user is registering, though bots are still making accounts.  I'll wait and see if reCAPTCHA makes a difference over a long period.
9  Anime and Entertainment / Gaming / E3 Announcements on: June 07, 2011, 05:27:42 pm
Nintendo unveiled the Wii U, which is centered around a tablet-like controller and is backward-compatible with Wii controllers.  So far it doesn't seem to be impressing the hardcore gamers, but it looks promising to me, especially with the third party support that the original Wii (and GameCube?) was lacking.  I just wonder how much each Wii U controller will cost, with 6.2 inch touch screens.

Nintendo found lightning in a bottle with the Wii and with Wii U--the company’s upcoming console--it might have found the bottling plant. Wii U builds upon the barriers broken by the Wii and takes advantage of a touchscreen-equipped controller that offer players a new way to interact with games paired with a console capable of HD visuals.

To save you the effort and grief of reading through the whole article we’ll just state up front that Nintendo did not disclose many pertinent details of its next system at E3 2011. There’s no official price point. And there’s no specific release date. It might come out somewhere between April Fool’s Day and New Years Eve in 2012. The rumors were also correct about Wii U. It’s most definitely going to be running in high definition and the controller is every bit as outlandish as we were led to believe. Probably more so.

Sony has the PlayStation Vita coming by the end of the year.  The price will be somewhat low for a brand new piece of hardware.  Most people seem to hate the name, but it'll catch on.

At E3 2011, Sony's Next Generation Portable (NGP) finally got a name: Vita. Sony revealed a number of other important details. However, the handheld still has no official release date outside of a holiday 2011 release window. A Wi-Fi-only version will cost $249, and a Wi-Fi/3G model will retail for $299. US-based 3G service will be provided by AT&T, but Sony didn't reveal any pricing for the data plans or whether they would be contractual or monthly. European pricing for the console will be €249(Wi-Fi) and €299 (Wi-Fi/3G), while Japanese pricing will be ¥24,980 (Wi-Fi) and ¥29,980 (Wi-Fi/3G).

I'm still more inclined to get a 3DS this year, if I get a portable.
10  Anime and Entertainment / Gaming / Re: Sony's Issues on: May 31, 2011, 12:22:35 pm
The PSN Store is taking a bit longer than they estimated.  Might be up by the end of the week.
11  Anime and Entertainment / Gaming / Re: Sony's Issues on: May 19, 2011, 02:58:28 am
PlayStation Network password-reset system compromised

    By Tor Thorsen, GameSpot
    Posted May 18, 2011 9:45 am PT

[UPDATE] Multiple sources report Web-based method for creating new login info can be hacked with a user's e-mail and date of birth; Sony confirms "URL exploit."

Source: See below.

What we heard: Just five days after the PlayStation Network started coming back online, reports are surfacing of a new security flaw with the online systems. Based on an initial article on gaming blog that was reportedly confirmed by NeoGAF users and Eurogamer, hackers have discovered a new, simple exploit to change the PSN users' passwords.

The exploit is reportedly done via the Web pages Sony set up to facilitate the mandatory password changes required in the wake of the three-week PSN outage. All that is reportedly needed to perform the exploit is a PSN user's e-mail account and date of birth, which is among the data that was reportedly stolen from all 77 million PSN and Qriocity users last month. The exploit reportedly does not affect those trying to change their passwords on the PlayStation 3 or PSP, both of which can still access the PSN.

The official story: Though Sony Computer Entertainment America reps had not commented as of press time, a moderator on the European forums offered the following information:

"Hey Guys,

Please note that PSN sign in is currently unavailable for the following services:
PlayStation forums
PlayStation Blog
Music Unlimited via the web client
All PlayStation game title websites

Unfortunately, this also means that those who are still trying to change their password via or will be unable to do so for the time being. This is due to essential maintenance, and at present, it is unclear how long this will take.

In the meantime, you will still be able to sign into PSN via your PlayStation 3 and PSP devices to connect to game services and view Trophy/Friends information."

Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus that the PSN password reset page that directs users to is "currently down for maintenance."

Meanwhile, has reportedly performed the exploit multiple times with multiple volunteers' PSN accounts. Several websites have also posted detailed instructions on how to perform the exploit, so this also looks not bogus.

[UPDATE] Later this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment America's senior director of corporate communications and social media Patrick Seybold confirmed the exploit--and that Sony was quickly working to fix it.

"We temporarily took down the PSN and Qriocity password reset page," said Seybold on the PlayStation Blog. "Contrary to some reports, there was no hack involved. In the process of resetting of passwords, there was a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed."

He continued, "Consumers who haven't reset their passwords for PSN are still encouraged to do so directly on their PS3. Otherwise, they can continue to do so via the website as soon as we bring that site back up." Sony offered no timeline as to when the sites will return.

My PSN account doesn't seem to have been affected, but this doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
12  Anime and Entertainment / Gaming / Re: Rift on: May 18, 2011, 01:53:21 pm
It's true that not every combination of skill trees would work.  I followed the recommendations given as you pick the first three trees in the early levels.  It's cool that I can either choose to charge at an enemy alongside my pet, or send the cat in first before I hurl fireballs.  Though my pet's damage seems to depend largely on one of my melee abilities, so I shouldn't make a habit of acting like a caster often.  ^_^;

I've been told that some WoW players are fairly hostile toward Rift.  In one case, someone lost all of her guildies to Rift, so some bad feelings would be understandable.  I'd think it's still too early to say if Rift is the new big game, but they seem to be doing a good job of releasing new content each month.
13  Anime and Entertainment / Gaming / Rift on: May 17, 2011, 05:13:19 pm
I've been playing Rift periodically, after a family member kept recommending it enthusiastically.  It has a lot in common with WoW (most MMOs seem to), but it has elements that take it a step forward.  Rather than choose from a list of classes that all have set talent trees, you pick a class archetype: Warrior, Cleric, Mage, or Rogue.  Then, as you quest through the first several levels, you effectively pick your own three talent trees from the list associated with your class.  Each "talent tree" is like a class of it's own; one might be like a WoW warrior, another like a shaman.  You can have a melee fighter that can charge at enemies, hurl fireballs at range and command a primal cat from the deep wilds, like my high elf.  I've seen mages with skeletons and elementals following them around, though not both at once.  I've even seen rogues with pets.  The class flexibility is one of the strong points of the game, along with random events like the opening of rifts, which are like WoW's pre-expansion stuff but much better planned out.

There are two factions, one following the gods, the other relying on forbidden machines.  Any race can use any class, as far as I can tell.  All player characters are heroes who once fell in battle, and have now been brought back, through means that differ depending on the faction.
14  Anime and Entertainment / Gaming / Re: New Warcraft Expansion on: May 17, 2011, 04:52:51 pm
My WoW account isn't active at the moment.  I had forgotten to update my payment info, but even before that issue, I hadn't played for an extended period in months.  Had little time for any kind of gaming in April, with an unexpectedly busy school schedule.  It's easier to find time now, but I'm not in any rush to jump back in.  I still have the one level 85 character.  She's mid-way through the Uldum quests and hasn't started in the Twilight Highlands.  :3

Cataclysm makes a decent first impression, but I clearly haven't felt as motivated to get through the content as in past expansions.  Friends have also been moving on or taking breaks (at least, they were when I last played).  They were a big reason why I stuck around through Wrath of the Lich King.  I keep getting the sense that Cataclysm finally signaled the start of the game's slow decline.
15  General / The Lounge / Re: Member's List on: May 17, 2011, 01:07:50 am
First I was looking at how to install it for PHP, then phpBB, but what I really needed was instructions for SMF.  I'll have to study the steps and back this board up before installing the mod, it's a tad more complicated than I was expecting.  This page has helped:
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